“Kathryn has provided comprehensive editing and formatting support to numerous technical reports relating to assessing and managing land and water resources. Her open and honest manner makes her incredibly easy to work with, which is proven by the number of colleagues who now regularly engage her services. Her science background, keen eye for detail and faultless timeliness makes her our go-to freelance editor.” 

Angela, Public servant

“Kathryn has provided editing skills on various prospectus jobs. She never misses a thing and I can always trust her to maintain excellent attention to detail. She is very reliable, flexible, works well under pressure and I can depend on her to deliver and work to tight deadlines.” 

Sarah, Pulse Graphic Design

“Kathryn’s expertise and help have been invaluable with helping me return to the work force after being on maternity leave. Kathryn has given my resume and cover letter the professional look and touch that they needed. Thank you.”

Jess, Finance student and job seeker

“Kathryn is very skilled in the art of editing and I found that she does this work in a surprisingly short time frame. I understand that she has also spent much of her working life writing science-based publications and can adeptly pitch these to various reading audiences. Many editors do not respect the writing style of the author, however Kathryn shows this respect so that the ‘diamond ends up cut and polished’ in the best way that it can be.”  

Jon, Public servant

“Kathryn is excellent at eliminating the excessive and unnecessary wording from a document to make it precise and succinct. Her use of plain English helps clarify to any reader the point you are trying to make. She is extremely efficient and I will be making further use of her skills in the near future.”

Kellie, Teacher

“Kathryn is efficient, reliable and has a great eye for detail. She edited our catalogue on a short time frame and found mistakes we had never even noticed!” 

Carl, Global Industrial